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Tuesday, 13 August 2013 14:58

To continue ensuring the long-term success of Iowa Chinese Language School (ICLS) and better serve the local communities, ICLS Board is pleased to announce the following changes according to ICLS’s policies:

1. ICLS Honorable School Principal

Dr. Zuo-yu Zhao will retire in September after 23 years of services at DuPont Pioneer and move to Hawaii. While we are excited for Zhao to get on his next stage of life and spend more time with his grandchildren, we certainly will miss his leadership in ICLS that he co-founded. We really appreciate Zhao’s 14 years of untiring effort to chart the course of ICLS so that it exists with meaningful purposes.

Upon on Zhao’s leaving, Dr. Jun Wei is elected to be the ICLS Honorable School Principal. Jun will roll out of his ICLS principal role after his two years of leadership to build up the team and school foundations for ICLS’s long-term success.

2. ICLS Principal

We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Lang Luo, Research Scientist at DuPont Pioneer, has accepted the ICLS board’s nomination to be the new ICLS principal and board chair starting from the school year of 2013-2014. Dr. Luo has been with Pioneer for more than 10 years and has also been a long time and active supporter to ICLS. Her two children are currently ICLS students.

3. ICLS Board

Over the past two years, ICLS has built up a great team with enthusiastic board members. Now we are pleased to announce our new additional board members.

Dr. Emily Wu will be the new Teaching Director to replace Dr. Duhong Chen. Dr. Samuel Qi will join in the ICLS board as Secretary. Both Emily and Samuel have been active volunteers for ICLS and other non-profit organizations. We are excited to have them to join in the team and look forward to their invaluable contributions to ICLS.

Dr. Duhong Chen has been a great asset to ICLS and played an instrumental role to ensure ICLS core function – teaching to be successful over the last 3 years. We really thank him for his contribution and efforts in support of ICLS and look forward to his ongoing guidance as Emeritus ICLS board member.

The new ICLS board, therefore, consists of:

  • Lang Luo, Principal and Board Chair
  • Emily Wu, Teaching Director
  • Wei Huang, Public Relations Director
  • Mei Loudon, School Activity Director
  • Hongshi Guo, Fundraising Director
  • Zhe (Michael) Wang, PTO Chair
  • Joyce Fang, Treasurer
  • Samuel Qi, Secretary
  • Jun Wei, Honorable Principal

We also have two indispensable volunteers who are part of ICLS core team and play critical roles for ICLS operations:

  • Ning Wang, ICLS Accountant
  • Ben Liang, ICLS Information Technology Manager

4. ICLS Advisory Council

The new ICLS Advisory Council has been formed and the current members are:

  • Dennis Judd, Marketing Director of DuPont Pioneer (Chair)
  • Brent Riessen, Principal of Johnston High School
  • Qingyuan Zhang, Financial Director of John Deere Credit Financial
  • Lang Luo, ICLS Principal
  • Jun Wei, ICLS Honorable Principal

We want to thank our former members for their guidance and support to ICLS and may continue to seek their advices.

After 14 years of serving local communities, ICLS has become a non-profit organization with a clear vision, passionate leadership team, strong volunteer base and solid financial situation. It cannot be as it is without your generous support and unselfish effort. ICLS is committed to serve our local community and we appreciate your continuing support!

Thank you,


ICLS Board


ICLS is a non-profit, volunteer-based 501(c) (3), racially nondiscriminatory and equal opportunity organization.


2013 Chinese New Year Celebration PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 02 March 2013 21:58

Thanks to all who made the 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration a huge success!

The celebration event was co-hosted by Iowa Chinese Language School (ICLS) and Iowa Chinese in Agriculture (ICIA). Several hundred people attended the celebration at Iowa Public Television auditorium on Chinese New Year’s eve. The celebration featured performance by ICLS students.  Kid’s performance was splendid. It was a fusion of Western and Eastern culture, having from traditional Chinese music to torero dance, from kung fu musical to Gangnam style gymnastics.

Click here for Full News Article

Click here for New Year Celebration Photo



蛇年春节晚会是由爱华中文学校和衣阿华州华人农业促进会联合主办的。龙年大除夕夜,近四百观众在衣阿华州公共电视台的演播厅观赏了主办单位精心准备的十六个节目,辞别旧岁, 同贺新禧。孩子们的演出非常精彩,节目内容中西融汇,珠连璧合。从西洋乐器演奏的中国传统音乐,到西班牙斗牛士舞和小芭蕾;从单口相声到美声独唱;从集体脱口秀到篮球表演;从耍功夫的六个好汉,到江南Style跟斗翻不停的四个小姑娘;还有几十名演员共同演出,向中文学校志愿者、支持者致敬的大型情景剧《中文学校欢迎感谢你》。孩子们在台上演得高兴,观众在下面看得过瘾。




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赵卫平总领事收到来自爱华中文学校学生的邀请 PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 28 February 2013 20:18



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Iowa Chinese School is closed on 1/27 due to inclement weather PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 27 January 2013 16:36

Iowa Chinese School is closed on 1/27 due to inclement weather. NO language class and No activity class today.

Jimei Wang honored in DuPont Volunteer Recognition program PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 18 November 2012 03:26

Jimei Wang, a long time DuPont Pioneer employee and volunteer for Iowa Chinese Language School, was honored in DuPont Volunteer Recognition Program on Nov. 15th, 2012.

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